“The minute I met Eleni I already felt my various energy bodies beginning to unfurl and prepare for immense shedding, healing and restoration.  Our session was so refreshing and deeply insightful.  Eleni’s voice and guidance will take you to the places inside your mind that are waiting to be remembered and loved.  I was able to make “sense” of certain emotions that I had not before been able to completely explain.  I am more calm and centered thanks to the gift of presence and awareness that Eleni helped bring back to the forefront of my life.  Thank you once again Eleni, I look forward to more sessions in the future!” – Stephanie S.

“My hypnotherapy session with Eleni was absolutely life changing. Eleni guided me the whole way and made me feel very safe and supported. She taught me to not be judgmental of what I was experiencing, to trust what I was seeing and hearing, and showed me how to make the best decisions in my vision quests. This self trust has extended out into my own visions and intuition even after the session. We did some very deep work and with her I was able to learn more about myself, how to alleviate issues from past life relationships, and how to resolve those issues with real life tasks that balance the karma in past life relationships that are now currently happening again with unbelievably benevolent results!  I even came out of my session looking younger and more supple. My friends and loved ones have felt this beautiful change with in me through our connections and my life has improved by many levels since. I am a much more lighter and happier being after being guided by Eleni and I strongly recommend hypnotherapy implemented by her as it is the therapy of the future!” – Maryam G.

“I’ve worked with Eleni numerous times – & within each session – a genuine breakthrough has occurred. She is patient, kind, humble & VERY talented & knowledgeable with everything she does – especially when it comes to helping people get to the underlying cause of their issues.  She is meticulous & takes great care in going over each detail. She explains things clearly & makes it easy to understand whatever process she is working through with you – she truly has a gift (many actually!) & I am absolutely honored to know this outstanding therapist & human being.  I am very grateful for my time with her & highly recommend her & her services.  THANK YOU Eleni for all that you do – you are AMAZING & inspiring” – Lindsey B.

“Her passion and motivation to do this unique work shines within her character. After working with her I was able to develop understanding for some past experiences which led to relief and healing. I highly recommend working with Eleni.” – Hunter M.

“Very effective process and facilitator. Powerful work and excellent to probe and heal deep trauma.” – Chris A.

“I highly recommend Eleni as a hypnotherapist. I was able to go deeper than I have ever experienced during our past life session. It has helped bring a new vision and purpose to my life, thank you Eleni!” – Carlos C.

“From the first experience we went right to work on healing my inner child. Working on trapped trauma from the age of 4 that I didn’t realize I was till holding onto. I’m looking forward to our next sessions.” – Chris G.