Tips for Hypnosis

1. Please abstain from coffee or caffeine on the day of the session if possible

2. The first 30 minutes – 1 hour are spent discovering more about you, your presenting issue, your childhood and your relationships, depending upon how much information I feel I need for your session. The first session typically requires a more lengthy interview unless it is not needed for your presenting issue. All subsequent sessions begin with an informal discussion lasting up to 30 minutes to get a gauge on where you’re at.

3. I use a 15-20 minute progressive relaxation and induction technique (descending staircase unless you have a fear of stairs) to guarantee you are deep enough to access the subconscious. You will be in a medium alert trance, able to both speak to me and access the subconscious at the same time. This feels like you’re halfway “here” and halfway “somewhere else”, in a very relaxed state, yet still able to talk to me (not “asleep” or “knocked out”). If you still feel you are not in medium alert trance (meaning you feel wide awake) after you’ve reached the bottom of the steps, please let me know and I will extend the induction. This is an interactive session with back and forth communication. If you have an active or racing mind, please let me know and I will use a technique to clear your mind at the beginning of the session.

4. Completely trust whatever you are seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, smelling or knowing, no matter how bizarre it seems; the subconscious doesn’t lie.

5. If I ask a question, the first thing that pops into your head, or the first thing you sense is the correct answer and is safe for you to express

6. Most people do not “see” clearly in their session so please don’t worry if you don’t. You may simply get flashes of a vision, a sense of someone or something being there, or a “knowing”. You can communicate whatever it is you’re picking up on and I will guide you forward.

7. Hypnosis involves role-playing. Role playing as your inner child or your adult self, etc. This allows the energies to be expressed as the appropriate “character”. For instance , I may ask your higher self a question through you. “Higher self, why does Mary have foot pains?” “Inner child, how are you feeling?” It may feel silly, but just go with it! This is how the subconscious reveals itself.

8. Whatever is meant to happen in each session WILL come up. Trusting the process and having faith and patience with yourself, and especially your inner child who is trying their best, will give you the best results. Remember that this is a part of you that has never been revealed.

9. The inner child is key for all emotional healing and subconscious work. Establishing the connection, if it comes up in the session, and being as loving and patient with him or her as you would a child, is very important. The more you work with your inner child on an ongoing basis, the more he or she will trust to reveal to you. It’s important to never invalidate or become impatient with your inner child.

10. Remember that your present-day challenges weren’t built overnight; a key part of emotional healing is accepting and allowing the process to unfold naturally and at the pace that is meant for you and your inner child. Non-attachment, release of expectation and relaxation will give you the best results in your session.

11. If resistance comes up during the session, that is completely normal. Resistance is a sign we’re touching on something deep. Resistance can show itself in a variety of ways. It’s important to “get out” and completely feel whatever resistance you’re having, no matter what it is (“hypnosis is stupid!”) in order to move forward. Please have patience and love for your resistance, process it, trust my guidance and see what unfolds. If you come upon resistance, the emotions you feel during that resistance are a part of your healing process and healthy for you to release. Feeling them completely is part of the healing.

12. Release of emotion is completely normal, natural, and encouraged during your session. Don’t hold back! You are safe in my presence to express any emotion, including anger, tears and sadness, fully, at all times. Emotional release, process and integration is a big part of the healing that will take place in your session.

13. Please rest assured, your soul will never reveal anything to you you aren’t ready for. I am very sensitive to others’ histories and will treat your case with the utmost sensitivity. You are safe.

14. The healing or “work” is done in session, through witnessing the unknown parts of yourself (the subconscious), emotional release and integration, inner child rescue, energy work, etc. I recommend you rest for the remainder of the day following a session, as well as take a salt bath with Epsom salts, baking soda, Himalayan or sea salt or any combination thereof. 2-3 cups in warm/hot water for 45 minutes is recommended. The salt absorbs all negative energies and toxins released. Please be sure to drink lots of water. Fresh lemon in your water and an msm crystal capsule will help facilitate toxin release. The work you are doing is Alchemical in nature and is therefore triggering up and releasing various energies that have been stuck in your body for a lifetime. It is normal to feel somewhat sickly after a session, in fact this is a great indicator that you processed and released a lot of negative energy and toxins, and are now healing. Allow yourself 3-4 days to process completely. You can further facilitate this process to speed up, and feel better more quickly, through a gentle diet with green juices, fruits and vegetables and avoiding heavy or processed foods, gluten, meats and dairy. Please let me know if you are still feeling the effects after 3-4 days. This can indicate the need for more release that needs to occur in another session. It is completely normal for emotional healing work to stir things up and is nothing to fear.

15. There are certain instances where I may feel you will get the best result from a past-life regression. If you do not feel comfortable with past-life regression or this does not fit your belief system, please let me know and I will use a different technique. I honor your beliefs and preferences first and foremost, and want you to feel safe and comfortable!

16. You will do great, easily and naturally!

17. I am now offering Healing Consultation/Coaching/Intuitive Life Guidance to my clients over the phone at $99 an hour, due to my own experience with healing myself physically and emotionally, as well as finding my life’s purpose. This can be particularly helpful if you need a framework or guidance on a long-term healing process, tools, if you have budgetary restrictions in regards to ongoing hypnosis sessions and need do-it-yourself tools, or even if you just need someone to talk to or receive advice from in regards to your relationships or life path! Whatever your interest is in one-on-one Coaching please let me know and I will let you know if I can assist.

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