Hypnosis is extremely effective for clearing phobias.  I recently had a session with Brian (his name has been changed and express permission was given to write this article about his session).  Brian had had several instances where he had trouble coming down from heights.  He had gotten stuck on his roof for two hours and had to wait for a neighbor to help him come down.  He had no trouble ascending, but couldn’t bring himself to climb down.  He would freeze.

The same issue had come up on a hiking trip when a friend had fallen down an embankment and had an injury and couldn’t move.  Brian was about four feet above him but could not jump down to aid his friend.  He wound up walking several hours to get to him from another route.

Obviously this was a problem that created embarrassment and anxiety for Brian.  Any time he had to go up on his roof, he would freeze and be afraid to come back down.

We did a session and went to a past life where Brian saw himself on a ship.  He was in some sort of uniform, perhaps he was in the navy.  He then entered a scene where a rough storm came.  Brian entered into deep emotion when he saw that he had lost his footing and fallen overboard.  The scene stopped there.  We now had found the reason for his phobia.  I instructed Brian to re-imagine the scene and guided him through another scenario, one in which a ship came and rescued the sailors before the storm came.  Re-imagining the scene to have a positive outcome erases the trauma from the subconscious mind (and in my belief the DNA and various other energy fields).

To test the effectiveness, we then had Brian imagine himself coming down off the roof.  He easily and effortlessly climbed down.  We also revisited the scene where his friend was injured, and Brian was able to hop down the four feet quickly and with ease.  I could see him smiling during the session.  A new sense of peace and calm came over his body.

After our session, I received a message from Brian.  “Today I climbed up a ladder to our garage and was able to come back down without hesitation.  First time ever!”



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