Getting off the Karmic Wheel

I had a really interesting session performed on me today by a friend, Michael “Zar” Zarchian.  You can find him at  This was a really powerful session and it ended up being a past-life regression that is typical of what you can expect to experience in a hypnosis session.  I had had a troublesome relationship with someone that resulted in me being severely neglected by him, and me responding to that neglect with attacks.  The relationship ended and no matter what I thought about it, I couldn’t reconcile in my head what had happened.  The anger and powerlessness I was feeling was consuming me, and I felt a lot of guilt around feeling that anger.  We entered the session and one of the first things he asked me was why I felt I had to repress my anger, and I found myself saying, “If I don’t, someone will die.”  We entered my akashic record library where I found that I was a knight with a wife whom I had murdered in a fit of rage.  She had been neglecting me, giving me silent treatment, and I felt she denied my reality which in my mind was a very difficult life as a knight who had to fight every day.  I found out that I was responsible for her doing that because I denied her reality and treated her as someone who needed to support me emotionally, as a little wife who didn’t have her own hopes and dreams.  I found that the fury I felt toward this person in this life was actually a projection in relation to my parent who denied my reality in this life, abusing me and denying my abuse.  I went back to the time I was two in this life and saw myself with crazed eyes.  We entered a scene together and I encouraged her, through my own actions, to release all the rage she had by burning, killing, or beating her parents (releasing anger in the form of violence on the etheric plane is “allowed” and does not create any karma; it is fashioned this way to allow maximum release of angry emotion).  As soon as I was done with this, I went back to that past life and I apologized to my wife and got a new atonement (something your victim will ask you to do to clear the karmic debt to them).

I also saw that I needed to learn to just accept that someone was purposely harming me, without needing endless proof of this happening (this is typical of an empath/sociopath or narcissist relationship).  I needed to accept it and just let it go.  This continuation of me denying my own reality, in which someone was abusing me, and not wanting to believe it was true unless the person came out and said it themselves, has affected me repeatedly in this life.  My message to myself was “just accept it”, meaning, just accept that there were people who were capable of purposely harming me, and believe it.  Stop trying to figure it or them out, just leave, let it go.

In one session, I was able to gain clarity on why I was feeling so much anger toward this person.  I saw all the same things happening in that past life as in this one and everything that happened in our relationship made much more sense, giving me peace and closure around it.  I was able to locate and release the true cause of my anger toward him, which was really unexpressed rage at a parent who had abused me and denied it (gaslighting).  I had trouble expressing the rage at this parent in this life due to what my rage had cost me in that life, which I was able to release.  And I freed myself of the karmic debt to him.

What I really love about hypnosis, and that I find is unique about it, is that you can untie tangled karmic knots by visiting your past life circumstances.  Nothing that happens in our lives is a coincidence.  Much of it is contractual and tied to learning lessons, which typically tend to be in relation to things we did not learn in past lives.  Visiting these original events in a session can allow you to relate them to current-life circumstances, gain a high level of clarity and peace, and move forward with your life, effectively ending the karmic wheel with that “lesson” or person.  The trick is to move forward with this new knowledge and apply it.

Special thanks to Michael “Zar” Zarchian for my wonderful session.

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