Life Purpose and Feeling Stuck

I’ve seen lots of people lately struggling with what steps to take next in their life.  Sometimes we do all of the things we think we’re supposed to do; eat well, be positive, exercise, meditation, yoga, work hard.  There is a whole other side most people aren’t considering.

There are several areas that need consideration: subconscious programming, life purpose/contract, and karmic debt.

I’ve done a tremendous amount of shadow work in the last year or so.  Nothing in my life has helped me greater.  Did you know that 95% of your cognitive activities (decisions, emotions, actions, behavior) are being dictated by subconscious programs running in the background?  No matter how much you do to raise your vibration and think positively, if you have voices in the background telling you you’re awful and unworthy, you will have trouble with manifestation and your energy will be depleted.  I recommend EFT (emotional freedom technique) as a great way to identify subconscious blocks and re-write the programs with healthier information.  Sonya Sophia Ilig is a master at this and I highly recommend checking her out.

Hypnosis can be really great to get quick clarity for next steps.  There are a range of options, including discussion with higher self (your divine connection to source), exploration of your pre-conception contract, and a meeting with your future self.  If you have karmic blocks we can identify and clear them in a session.

Sometimes we receive hardships to force us down a completely different path.  Ultimately you came to Earth with a specific life plan.  There were specific experiences you wanted to have and specific goals you wanted to accomplish.  You may have karmic debt to repay.  You may have lessons you need to learn.  Every single one of us has guides that are trying to steer us in the right direction to hit the milestones and contracts contained in our life plans.  If you are on the wrong path, you may experience traumatic lessons that break your will and ultimately set you about a different and more appropriate path to achieve your set-out life plan.  So, if you are experiencing great difficulties, this could be the universe screaming, “wake up!”.

What I love about hypnosis is that your soul will take you exactly where you need to go.  No one ever ends up in my office by accident.  Their guides direct them to find me because there is something they “need to know”.

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to gain clarity because it taps us into the subconscious and it connects us to our higher self and spirit guides who can assist.

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