Past-Life Hindrances

I love past lives.  A lot of people think I have a bit of an obsession with them (and maybe I do!) but I see great relevance of past lives with the current.  I’ve seen this firsthand through many sessions I’ve had myself in which I’ve experienced healing through past-life work.  In this article I’m going to explain some of the ways in which past lives may be hindering you.  Fear not.  These can be cleared in a hypnosis session.

Many of us enter into what is termed a “relationship contract” in past lives.  These are formed through a life-long obsession with someone or with a vow we have made to them.  An example of this is “I will always love you”, or, “I will always save you”.  Virtually any kind of promise can result in a relationship contract with someone.  Once this promise is made, you may find yourself in lifetime after lifetime with the same person, forever keeping your vow to them.  Have you wondered why you feel so responsible for a particular person, even though this person is toxic to your life?  You may have made a promise to them.  There are many examples of how a vow can result in toxic relationships with people that never seem to get better no matter what you do.  I had one such contract with a relative.  I found and cleared the contract in a session and the relationship changed completely within minutes of the session.  If you think this sounds too good to be true, so did I.  But such is the magic of these karmic connections.

Another example of a past-life type of contract is a vow you’ve made to yourself.  You may have had a bad experience with children, war, relationships, the church, trusting people; you name it.  At the end of your life you met with your council to review your life.  During that time, you may have made a vow.  “I will never marry again!” . “I will never be a nobleman!”.  These promises to yourself create a type of contract that can now hinder you from success in one particular aspect of your life, or many.  The average person has made 200-250 vows over many lifetimes.  In the same arena is a false belief system.  A false belief system such as “money is evil” or “life is difficult” can block you from receiving financial success or enjoying life.  These belief systems embed in your subconscious and tell the universe exactly what you want!

Physical ailments or effects can result from traumatizing past-life incidents.  I have always had trouble with my throat.  I cleared it constantly as a child and I found my throat getting caught when I tried to communicate.  I decided to do a past-life regression on this and found that I had a physical cause that created this blockage.  I cleared and healed this incident and felt a shift in the way my throat felt.  I found myself speaking my truth more.

Next, emotional maladies can be the result of a past-life incident or trauma.  Phobias, fears, anxiety, and depression can all be rooted in a a past-life event.  Even ways of being that you had no idea existed could be a result of a past life!  I discovered a heavy pattern of a feeling of responsibility or duty, that followed me from life to life.  I cleared this and now experience greater freedom and joy.

Lastly is an overt act.  An overt act is an act in which you did something to cause harm to another.  Karmically, everything returns to you.  If you were engaged in an act in which you stole or deceptively took money from people over long periods of time, you could be blocked from financial success in this life.  If you feel you repel money, love, or anything else throughout your life no matter what you do, there may be an overt act.  These can be cleared through a special process during hypnosis so that you may begin to receive the abundance you are waiting for.






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