How Hypnotherapy Found Me

Several years ago I became aware of repressed memories through a dream I interpreted.  Once I pieced together the symbols of the dream and came to a shocking conclusion, I felt a surge of extremely intense emotion come up, which I immediately suppressed.  I convinced myself it wasn’t real, and I soon forgot about this experience.  About a year later I went to my first tantra class, and felt an extreme sadness come upon me: the weight of a thousand pounds upon me, and a knowing of, what I had briefly touched upon earlier.  I knew I had to do something about this feeling I had, and I set about to try to recover the memories.  Within weeks I was in Peru, taking ayahuasca at an ayahuasca retreat.  I didn’t recover the memories, but found out something even more important in regards to my life path.  I had left my career as a Financial Analyst, and was looking for my new career path.  One day someone recommended a local hypnotherapist to me for past life regression.  I decided that this would be the perfect avenue to try to recover my repressed memories, and went.  I didn’t recover them in that initial session, but I had an extremely powerful first meeting with my inner child.  In that session, I felt my eyes shift up and down for about 30 minutes; I finally realized that I had become myself at 4 years old.  Feeling the intense feeling of innocence, and the fear she had in coming out, changed my life completely.  I felt a column of energy shift within my chest.  I immediately knew this was what I wanted to do, and a few months later I was out in Santa Rosa, California for a hypnotherapy program at the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis.

My time in California was absolutely life-changing.  I met a fellow student, Robin, who I have come to know as a soul sister.  Both of us had a lot of trauma we wanted to heal from, and we traded lots of sessions on each other in between classes.  In total, I had about 30 sessions performed on me.  The work was palpable.  I uncovered the repressed memories, and found out valuable information about my family history in the process.  Most of my work revolved around emotional clearing, and I did a fair number of past life regressions to identify and rewrite vows and relationship contracts.  The relationship contract work was mind-blowing.  My relationship with this person completely and totally changed within an hour of the session.

During this process, I had a moment where I saw my soul evolve and skip timelines.  I knew that I was helping my soul advance much more quickly than it would on its own with this work.  Alchemical, this work is the alchemy of the soul.  It retrieves pieces of the soul that have been lost, it integrates subconscious memories into the consciousness, healing and integrating them.  In my opinion (and this is not scientifically proven), this work clears trauma from the DNA of the recipient and his or her ancestors.

After two and a half months, I went home from California.  I started to feel more things coming up.  It was if I had peeled back the thickest first layer of the onion, leaving room for the next layer to rise up and present itself.  I was surprised that there was more.  I realized this was an actual physical process, dislodging these trapped subconscious memories and transmuting them.

I am now on what one could say, “the path”.  I am dedicated to healing myself to the fullest extent and coming into my own personal freedom and power, returning to true self.  I spend a great deal of time working with other healers, learning what they do, and getting sessions in order to work on my physical body and shadow self, as well as researching and implementing various methods on myself to expand and grow.  I can say that shadow work is my passion!  I am very happy to have found this path, and I know I am here to help others return to true self, feel their best, and be successful with their missions on Earth.


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